“The Lake Drain♨️” FILM STREAMS ON iTUNES 3/3/17

“It’s a psychedelic tour de force.”
– Viewer Sam Craighead

The Lake Drain is a surreal and imaginative drama/documentary. Very strange and offbeat. Surreal in both style and content. It explores the concept of deep underground military bases, covert mind control, doomsday weapons, interdimensional portals and extraterrestrials. Spooky and a bit frightening in places. Intriguing movie.” – Ben Emlyn-Jones, HPANWO Radio Show 170- Jerry Griffin discusses making this film (among many other alternative media topics). Click on “Jerry AudioFull” for start of interview

andy taylor
Andy Taylor, Musician/Early Viewer

Internationally acclaimed Author Joe Atwill


Comment by Author Cort Lindahl

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 5.55.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 5.57.08 PMBrilliant political graphic artist
and performer David Dees

“Please feel that your film was and is greatly admired and appreciated.” Miles Johnston

“Easily the most whacky movie I’ve ever seen… But a good sort of whack! Loved the (surprise, ed.) ending with the (surprise, ed.) And actually I think that was the only ending you could have had considering you’d gone so far down the rabbit hole.”-

Jame Morcan, Author, “THE UNDERGROUND KNOWLEDGE SERIES I-V (Genius Intelligence / Antigravity Propulsion / Medical Industrial Complex / The Catcher in the Rye Enigma / International Banksters)”
🛋 Books by James Morcan

Jerry Griffin authored the Foreward to the book mentioned above.
It can also be found here:
Sci-fi filmmaker warns there’s something going on below ground

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.44.36 PM  Griffin-HPANWO-interview

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“Unique interesting Sci-Fi with great production & effects one of a kind humor & music with much color i can Really appreciate . Cheers! from Australia” -Kraeg

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The Mystery of the Holy Grail in North America. The Ley Lines of Thomas Jefferson Oak Island and moreCort Lindahl Cort Lindahl

“I was blown away with the film! The visuals are stunning! I really enjoyed the movie and there was tons of info in there for the uninformed if they were just paying attention.” – Stacy Yeadon

SOUNDTRACK for The Lake Drain2📛
The Lake Drain Lounge♨️ Under the Gallery Live 

💽 Rated: MSFT (Multi-SciFi🕷Tastes)(Multi-SciFi Smaken) (多科学品)(Multi-SciFi Вкусы) (Multi-SciFi וטעמים) (Multi-SciFi-Geschmack) (Multi-SciFi Sapori) (Multi-SciFi kunambitheka)

‘Under the Gallery (Live)’ by The Lake Drain Lounge on iTunes 📲


“The Lake Drain♨️” FILM STREAMS ON iTUNES 3/3/17

The “Psychedelic Tour de Force” film is below:

‘The Lake Drain ♨️ Film in 60 Seconds’ 📲 Vimeo