➽Viewer Review: “The Lake Drain is a great film which has an original, interesting plot and uses all aspects of film making media of sight and sound. Jerry Griffin and his team have created some unique and clever uses of visuals, music and sound design which work really well together, and the plot moves along at a steady pace keeping it all running smoothly. Looking forward to the sequel….!!!” – Andy Taylor Music


This film began as a spoof on fishing shows:

(Posted 5/24/14)

And, over one year later (Posted 11/17/15)
here’s one which has a big footprint.
We love ol’Sasquatch Jim…

“He actually worked at a government facility which was located under the lake.”

– Alabama Bigfoot Society (Starts @1:41 sec.)

(I did not see this before making the film. – Ed.😎 )

 IN the meantime, the boys were given some promotional tickets to a really good (and loud) seat which prompted a Journalist to pull out his cell phone. It was too good not to post as a “Fair Use” Educational (and loud) video:

Below are “Notes along the way” as the idea became a DOCUMENTARY about two cousins who met and became great friends later in life.

and accumulated a “Fair Use” interview published under the
Deprogrammed Radio Banner.

There is a companion piece to the film
with Dr. Richard Sauder, Ph.D.
featuring a “long, rambling,”
as he wrote of it, interview.

The Full Interview Film

From Richard Sauder, Ph.D.’s blog

“Life In The Spirit World Surrounded By Spirits”

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 1.11.44 AM

Richard Sauder, Ph.D. Atop A Nuclear Silo on Deprogrammed Radio
from Performance Gallery on Vimeo.

It is also on You Tube:

Educational Version

It is also on You Tube:

“A crucial high-tech piece of CERN
collides into the path of a retired and broken biker
focusing covert recovery intelligence
away from an actively targeted journalist.”

Mr. Bernie

Barry Stoltze as James Bernie, CIA

Poster for the Original Release

Poster 1

The Original Trailer

The Lake Drain Trailer HD from Performance Gallery on Vimeo.

It is also on You Tube:

The Speedy Lake Drain Film Trailer

The Speedy Lake Drain Film Trailer from Performance Gallery on Vimeo.

It is also on You Tube:

Speedy as HimselfSpeedy

Jim Bob Meigs as Mr. BobMr. Bob at Home

…and as Archon Bob from the drainJimBob

Shaw Williams as ShawShaw

Asha Baksh-Griffin as
Mr. Bernie’s Bollywood MessengerMaureen

Jerry Cunningham as the
Exotic Taxidermy Agent with ShawJerry:Wilbur

…and jumping from the helicopterJerryC

Archon Bob from the drainCuzBob

Willie Homer in the Bon Ami Underground Cafe
advising Mr. Bernie on Musical TripsWilieHomer

Barry Stoltze as James Bernie, CIAMr. Bernie

Shaw Williams making the
initial nuclear particle accelerator dropShawBoat

Bollywood Starlet Asha Baksh-Griffin
on the cover of ‘Desi Chattanooga’!


Producer & Director Jerry Griffin
Jerry Bob copy

Go to hell, Mr. Wal-Mart!” – Swami NetherlandsSwami:purple




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